A fine selection of original artwork portraits from artist Kaytee Esser featuring people, horses, dog and cats in bold colors and exquisite detail.

How To Order

To order an original oil painting of your pet, go to Commission a Portrait. Or, if you find a painting you like in one of our galleries, order a beautiful print on canvas or paper from Kaytee's Prints!
Hello and welcome to my website.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my commission portraits.  I paint mainly from life or photos I take.  I can also work from client photos.  My work reflects the character and personality of the subject no matter if it is a person, dog, cat, or horse.
My painting style is colorful and expressionistic with attention to the personality of my subject.  My preference is oil medium because of its rich color and texture.   I also enjoy working in pastel and watercolor.
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