Frequently Asked Questions
What information do I need to send?
Please fill out the form located in the menu Item Contact Kaytee.

How many photographs do I need to send?
Send at least 4 or 5, photos even if they aren't that good. Tell me in the description all about your pet's personality and anything that is significant about the way they look or hold their ears.

Can I send my photos through the mail?
Yes. Please call me at 843-476-9059 and I will give you my studio address.

How do I determine what size painting to order?
Determine where you would like the painting to be displayed. The number of subjects you want in your painting will also determine the size. Please call if you want some suggestions

How can I pay for my painting?
After you determine the size painting you want, go to Kaytee's Store and click on the size you want. At that time you can pay by credit card through our check out system through PayPal. If you wish to pay by check, please contact Kaytee either by email: or phone 843-476-9059. All work is fully satifaction guaranteed and 100% refundable.

Can I see the painting before it is sent?
Yes, I will email you a photo of the painting when it is close to finished and you may make minor changes or additions at that time.

How will I receive my painting?
Your painting will be shipped by FedEx ground and will be insured. If you would like any special instructions like a signature, please let me know.

Do you frame the painting?
No. All portraits are painted in oils on gallery wrap canvas so there are no staples showing and the sides will be painted. The painting is also varnished before it is sent. Framing is not necessary.

Turnaround time
Generally, turnaround time is 3 weeks. The exact delivery date depends on the complexity and size of the painting. I will stay in touch with the progress.